Вообще, прекрасная серия. Жаль, переводов этих книг я не видела.

During the 1980s, American cinema underwent enormous transformations. Blockbusters like Raiders of the Lost Ark, E.T., and The Empire Strikes Back grabbed huge revenues for the studios. At the same time, the growth of home video led to new and creative opportunities for independent film production, resulting in many of the decade's best films. Both large- and small-scale filmmakers responded to the social, political, and cultural conditions of the time. The two-term presidency of Ronald Reagan spawned a new Cold War with the Soviet Union, which Hollywood film both embraced and critiqued. Also during this time, Hollywood launched a long-awaited cycle of films about the Vietnam War, exploring its impact both at home and abroad. But science fiction remained the era's most popular genre, ranging from upbeat fantasies to dark, dystopic visions.

Bringing together original essays by ten respected scholars in the field, American Cinema of the 1980s examines the films that marked the decade, including Ordinary People, Body Heat, Blade Runner, Zelig, Platoon, Top Gun, Aliens, Blue Velvet, Robocop, Fatal Attraction, Die Hard, Batman, and sex, lies & videotape.

The Final Chapter has a bizarre twist, however, on the usual scenario of the last surviving girl becoming a warrior and killing or at least defeating the monster. This time the young boy Tommy shaves his head, taking on the appearance of the youthful Jason, whom the boy discovered in newspaper photos. Tommy then joins Trish in the battle against Jason, in which she whacks Jason with an ax. Jason slumps over and appears to be dead, but his hand twitches and he rises to attack both brother and the sister. Tommy then becomes crazed and repeatedly stabs him while screaming madly. This frightening conclusion suggests that the psychotic killer could be reborn in the young boy, continuing the mayhem (and the genre) indefinitely (indeed, at least five more movies in the series have appeared since then).

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